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Bulk SMS Reseller, Bulk SMS in Nigeria, Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria, Bulk SMS Provider in Nigeria.

We offer SMS at very affordable and attractive prices without undermining our fast delivery. Our SMS Message will cost you 1 SMS unit to Nigeria GSM numbers and more for CDMA and to international numbers.

Our Bulk SMS page is 160 characters and it is 1 page. So our page is 160 characters equal to 1 page all networks across Nigeria.

Reseller Package

1 sms unit cost N1.15 only

Website registeration (domain of your choice) and set-up cost N10,000

1,000 units given free


1 sms unit cost N1.20 all networks.


Methods of Payment

1. Bank Deposit

2. Online Banking

3. ATM


You can buy bulk SMS anytime or any day you want including weekends using Quickteller. It is less-stressful compared to paying at the bank or online. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Go to the nearest ATM machine to you

2. Insert your card and enter your PIN as usual

3. Choose “Quickteller” from the options or Fund transfer in case of ECOBANK

4. Select Fund Transfer

5. Then select “Interbank Transfers”

6. Choose the bank you want to transfer the money to:

7. Then choose your own account type (Savings or Current)

8. You’ll be prompted to choose the account type of the recipient (choose “Current” for GTBank and Savings for others)

9. Proceed to enter our bank account number as indicated in the bank details below.

10. Confirm whether everything is correct, then make the payment.

After the payment, text us your username and the amount you transferred and we will credit your account.

If you have any question, please ask us via 07035617776.

Banks Details:

Direct Bank Deposit

To get more SMS units by direct bank deposit, please pay into any of the accounts below. Please remember to always use your smslive247.nets Username as the Depositor's Name on the Deposit Teller.

For payment purposes, kindly use our bank account details given below.


Account Name: ISRAEL SEGUN

Account Number: 0011266397


Account Name: ISRAEL SEGUN

Account Number: 3070860484

Zenith Bank

Account Name: ISRAEL SEGUN

Account Number: 2081620993

After making your deposit please SMS the following to 07035617776

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Branch
  • Amount Deposited
  • Teller Number
  • Name of Depositor (ie  Login Username)

Your Account will be credited immediately your payment is confirmed.